Main door designs

Main Door Design Ideas in 2021

”A door is a gateway from your real-world to the world that is full of discovery and exploration.” So make sure your house has the best charming entrance. They say old ways won’t open the new doors. In this guide, we give you the most practical, chic and doable main door design ideas that will transform the face of your house. This blog is an amalgamation of new and old yet gold ideas that you will love.

A door screen is your first line of defence against intruders and burglars and keeps your family safe. Apart from security reasons, your main door design can enthral the guests, or make them feel unwelcoming. 

Let’s discuss the types of door designs, their advantages, disadvantages to facilitate easy selection catered to your needs.

Main door designs

Wooden door:

The front door is a welcoming smile on your house’s face. It is the reflection of the people inside. But how do you know which type of door is best suited for your home?

The wooden door is the old and popular door design. It is reliable and has high sound insulation properties. Along with the noise, the wooden door absorbs and restricts the cold from the entrance of your house. 

It is believed that wood holds the moisture. To serve the truth, the wood used for the manufacturing of modern door designs is of distinguished quality. The canvas is cautiously selected, dried and covered with various competent compounds that restricts the wood’s exposure to moisture. 

Moreover, the modern wooden door designs showcase the perfect balance of art and purpose. Complete wooden doors can be carved into any size or shape. They are competitively strong and will outlast 20-30 years and if taken care of, it may last beyond too. 

What makes wood stand different is the natural smell it embraces. This is because the wood constantly breathes even if it has been turned into a piece of furniture. Which helps in the harmonization of the entire house. Wood as a material is many house decorators’ favourite, owing to its high bioenergy capabilities. 

If you are looking for high quality, durable, aesthetically pleasing material with natural noise absorption capabilities, wood is the best choice for you.

Wooden door

Metal door:

The entry door is the standpoint of every property. Hence it should be sturdy, unbreakable, fire-reluctant and of course aesthetically charming. A metal door is the standard material that ticks all of these boxes. Largely speaking, steel and stainless steel claim almost half of the metal market. 

Having the metal door design for your house comes with countless perks. Meal door furnishes unbreakable strength keeping you and your family safe from burglars and intruders. 

Unlike wooden and glassdoor material, metal has a high-melting-point which means in case of fire eruption, there is less risk of damage. The high presence of chromium in the steel and stainless steel makes it the best fire-resistant material. 

Another reason why homeowners favour metal is due to the aesthetic potential metal offers. Metal is a trending material in the aesthetic market. And, having metal as the main door design material will not only grace your house but also will add to its resale value. 

An ideally designed metal door can make the best impression on your guests and can make you stand out from your neighbours. 

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Metal door

Glassdoor design:

Glass is used for all infrastructure purposes like a window, wall and door. While there is no short of options for glassdoor designs, usage of this material comes with a lot of prudence. 

It is primarily used inside the house, where privacy is of little concern. So if you are planning a glassdoor installation for the main door design, take extra precautions. Since there is a concern of running into and breaking the glass; particularly a clear one, add texture or frosting to the design restricting the transparency and yet letting the light in. 

Glass brings elegance and sophistication. And, you have a bunch of options to choose from. But like every other material, glass has its drawbacks. As glass is fragile, there is a high concern for security. The glass’s durability can be relied upon as long as it is well-taken care of. And irrespective of the strength, quality and texture of the glassdoor, it requires high maintenance.

If you take care of all the downsides of glassdoor, it will fill your home with elegance and beauty.

Glassdoor design

Combination main door design.

There is an extensive number of options to choose your door from. While some want to stick to sturdy metal and some want to choose the sophisticated glassdoor. We have a creative option for all.

As every material has its downside, here is our power-packed solution. You can fix the flaws by making the combination of the metal that suits the best for your main door design. Get the power of metal and sophistication of glassdoor or combine the wood with the metal for the simple and sturdy main door design. With this, you have a lot to get creative with.

Tips to consider.

  1. The door should be bigger than the other doors of your house.
  2. It should be well-lit in the evening just the way you want your mood-lit. 
  3. Please ensure that the hinges are oiled regularly and the door accessories are polished. 
  4. There should not be any broken or chipped wood or missing screws at the entrance.
  5. Make sure to remove extra nails. 
  6. Make your door complete with a doormat.
door design

Final thoughts,

Essentially, there are 3 material options for modern door design to choose from, which is wood, metal and glassdoor. While each has its distinguishing characteristics, designing your main door with a single material may not be convenient. Go ahead and be creative with the amalgamation of your preferred materials.

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